A question about gaming controllers

I wish to play Fallout4 on Steam on a laptop. My questions are 2:
What is the process to get a USB pr Bluetooth game controller to work?
Is there a recommended game controller that works well with Manjaro/Steam?

Plug it in.

I’d say an XBox controller is probably the most compatible overall, but I’m sure there are others.
Your question has been asked many times, search the internet. Also see the relevant forum rules regarding product recomendations: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Forum_Rules#Product_Recommendation_Requests

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I’m using a steam controller without any problems and had also used ps4-controllers via usb cable without any problems. :grinning:

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Thankyou. I can now proceed confidently in buying a game and controller.

I say that the Valve Steam Controller would be best for games on Steam, and there a third part SW for it. But Valve is no longer selling those for some reason.

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Hi, I am not understanding part of your comment. specifically, “and there a third part SW for it.” Thankyou

Third Party Software. It setups the SC for games outside of the Steam Client Big Picture Mode. Primary Linux, but Windows should be supported as well.

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