A New GTK-based Wattman-like application for AMDGPU users



As it says on the tin.
Came across this earlier. Very young program, and the developer is asking for help and testers.
Project here:

AMD hardware support in Manjaro
'radeon-scripts' - another new AMD/AMDGPU utility

I wonder if there something like this but for ryzen cpu?


CPU’s aren’t controlled directly. The FAN curve is controlled by the BIOS, they are not Ryzen-specific. There are command line tools that do that.
For CPU speeds, there are universal command line commands that do the same, also no Ryzen-specific tools needed.
Not sure if there are graphical tools for that, but years ago I had KDE widgets that were capable of doing that. Can’t remember their names though.


ATM I use radeontop to monitor but that looks like a promising project.


this project is only a couple of days old.
at the moment, it is made entirely for the creator’s GPU and not flexible.

but i get excited, when i look at the planned features.
i would also like CLI commands to ask for / change GPU settings.

this is definitely a project we should follow closely.


you mean like Ryzen Master? that would be very handy but at the same time quite difficult to implement


for the most part. ya. it will be cool. i can see why it can be hard to do.


if you check the developer section of the AMD site they don’t seem to have released the necessary code as opensource yet, maybe it will come at a later date.


Please do not make this available in the manjaro repo. Thank you. :+1:

reason: amdgpu.ppfeaturemask=0xffffffff


I raised my eyebrows at this too, and correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt that just enable the ability for overclocking? AFAIK it does nothing else and would be required for some of the [planned] features.


and corrupts right now some graphicschips for some users. I really want to have manjaro as a stable distro for amd users, not a playground for all the distrohoppers who wanna test all the shiny new features they see on phoronix and reddit.


Ah, didnt know about that.
But anyways - sure sure, no one was suggesting adding it to the .isos or even the repos or anything.
Just a new project that some folks might be interested in.


I know. Its just that over the last year… when something pops up like linux-driver-management, in-kernel-bootsplash, amdvlk or smooth boot guess who was the first adopter?
And I’m really frustrated about the current state of manjaro, where you’re kind of forced to read the forum to prepare yourself your an update. :sweat_smile:


I am the creator of WattmanGTK. Currently, I am looking for people to test WattmanGTK in their configurations and report back to me.
The amdgpu.ppfeaturemask=0xfffffff requirement has since been removed and I have seen flickering with my RX480 with that value, however with the value suggested by WattmanGTK it works OK for me. Also if you have any other request or anything, let me know (preferably on github).

Furthermore I would like you to know thatwattman-gtk-git is currently in the AUR.

I would like to get this working on more configurations, so let me know!


hi @Fabish

can you point me to the problems you highlighted?

I’m using Wattman-GTK to monitor whether a couple of programs use OpenCL and OpenGL and not for oc.

Insofar I had no issue with it anyway.