A little bit on how I use LInux

Just wanted to post about my system.
I have a few computers but the one I want to discuss here is my Laptop.
It is an HP Spectre x360 - 15-df1033dx (2019)

OS’s on my Laptop
Manjaro - Unstable
This is where GRUB is controlled
Windows 11
Arch Linux - Wayland

The Arch Linux Wayland has KWin and Sway installed
I use this for testing wayland

The main OS I use on this system is Manjaro.
I love the support I get on this site. Many have helped me through various issues that I have run into. I am still learning about Arch and Manjaro.

As far as support goes one of the things I have learned is eventho Manjaro is an Arch based system you can’t get support for Manjaro in Arch and you can’t get Arch support on the Manjaro forums.

Well I would like to hear from the other members here on how they use their systems and experiences they have had.

I have been through many OS’s in my Linux journey and I think Arch or and Arch based system is the last OS I will use. Mainly because I don’t have to reinstall to have the latest Linux to use.


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How to use? My desktop is primarily an HTPC - fairly low on power consumption and with the main SSD and three HDD’s for storage.

So I have Strawberry with lots of music and playlists, including one with my radio stations for streaming which I tend to use more now than radio apps because Strawberry will also pull in Lyrics for some radio stations which provide ‘radio data’ in their stream.

Then I’d add qBittorrent with Prowlarr/Sonarr/Overseerr and Plex-HTPC and server to manage grabbing and serving up TV content, I don’t use Radarr for movies, I just use Overseerr/Prowlarr to grab those.

Also I have Telegram and Discord running to manage messaging, and also to get notifications on my phone (Discord) when stuff becomes available on my Plex server.

Like many others I traversed the distro hopping enlightenment phase of Linux adoption; finally settling on Arch/Manjaro and Debian, both running KDE.

I don’t remember having to reinstall any flavour after having discovered an all-powerful concept - ‘upgrade’ - irrespective of whether it was rolling or on a typical release cycle. Individual applications, though, I’ve had to reinstall/repair a lions share of those from time to time.

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I am using Clementine for managing my music (great for fixing tags).
I use PLEX on a NAS now to store my music. It serves up my music to my phone so I can listen to it in my car or wherever I am.
How many gigs of music do you have?
Is Strawberry better to use than Clementine do you think? I might take a look at it.

I have done the upgrade process on Debian when a new release comes out. I have a desktop with MX Linux on it which is Debian based. They don’t recommend doing that but I found it works. I am in the process on that machine of switching it to Arch. Just makes it easier for me.

Strawberry is/was a fork of Clementine, so I should imagine you would find the transition quite comfortable, from one to the other. Clementine went through a period of stagnation, from memory, without any significant work done to it.

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I don’t use Strawberry for tagging, though it’s easy to edit and add extra keywords to Genre etc I always import music using Picard from /music to /music/musicbrains - strawberry plays better than Clementine and handles everything from Flac to DSD multichannel files. The smart playlists and automatic DJ work nicely, and it took over from the superior Guayadeque which is just getting too buggy now.

To adjust ‘skip’ count is a bummer, I have to do that by editing strawberry.db because it’s not done in the file tags.

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