A kind of multiseat


  • one monitor, one CPU;
  • two keyboards, two mice;
    I would like to let the users interact on the same machine at the same time, on the same account (eg: two players videogaming with 2x BT keyboards).
    Is that possible?

Otherwise: exists some error-free script for multiseat?

There is this documentation about it

mmm, tried weeks ago crashing a machine: I did not knew how to login back again since GDM became irresponsive.
Is there any back door to save the system?

Usually the system crashes when the seats are not properly configured with the GPU.

Any backup solution will do, if you had one, and if i’m not mistaken you should be able to access TTY. Also you can save your files trough Live Media too …

Have you tried simply connecting them to see if they work? My guess is that they will both work, but gamming keys must be different for each player.