A GUI "app shop" for Manjaro


Another approach would be an entry on the Manjaro homepage such as “Applications”, similar to https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/List_of_applications , but more in the style of http://www.bodhilinux.com/a/ .


Maybe take that a step further and include it in the welcome app.


I completely disagree with that, but let’s not go into details, it’s too much off topic.

I’m not against an App Store as I said. Yesterday I actually had a look at Kubuntu’s Discover which is pretty neat. I’m still not seeing the (long-term) advantage that an App Store would present for newbies, but yeah, that’s probably just me :slight_smile:

However I stay with my opinion that there are currently more important things to do, like continually improving the available installers (Calamares, manjaro-architect). The devs are doing a great job with that!

Absolutely. It’s great that we can all have a civilised discussion with diverging opinions without attacking anybody personally. One more reason to like this place.


It looks like Discover is doing us the flavor to improve significantly in the very near future:

Discover: Open desktop ratings

:slight_smile: Maybe I overcome my reservation any time soon. Time to Discover!


One of the problems with Discover and GNOME’s thingee, is that you may be duplicating software update notification handlers of Octopi or Pamac.

And packagekit, a depends of both Discover & GNOME Software, is started in Systemd and requires no further user intervention since it has admin rights. That means it is (philosophically) in charge of your machine.


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Don’t necro please. :slight_smile:
Topic is not relevant anymore, since Pamac has appstream support now.