A general question about the Categories and where to post my questions

Hi, how are you?

I have a couple of questions regarding hardware I want to buy and if it is a good match driver-wise for a reduced amount of problems. I can’t seem to find a proper category for questions that are technical but not a specific problem with a specific thing or setup.
My questions are similar to: Would this HW, or combination of HW cause any known problems? Can I operate 3 Monitors like that? … y’know… of that sort.

Where would be the proper place to ask these sort of questions?

Thank you.


We have Forum Rules - Manjaro and there is a section about Hardware/Product Recommendations. In short, is not something we can cover, reason why there is no specific place in the forum for such questions.

Ahh, OK.
I’m sorry. Since I neither use improper language nor am disrespectful, I didn’t closely read the rules.

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