A follow-up to a previous topic regarding Nvidia/Intel graphics

This is my previous topic:
https:// forum .manjaro .org/t/nvidia-intel-graphics-boots-to-black-screen-with-text/117613/7

Now this had worked for me, but I was still experiencing stutters and lag, so I looked online for a solution to maybe give the discrete graphics card a bit more power.
I ended up on green with envy, that is supposed to help you tune the Nvidia graphics card on your machine, however I got an error saying:
NV-CONTROL X extension not found.

I’ve looked up a few guides online, but could not find a way to fix this. Is this the root cause of my issues with the stutters as well? How do I fix this either way?

I’ll be thankful for any help you can offer.

That is because the optimus system is currently running off of the intel chip. You need a “switch” as described here:


Not in hybrid mode …

I’ve run the check that it says on the GitHub page, and optimus cannot be found. How do I go about installing the AUR package? It says not to git clone and run setup.py or install through pip, yet it does not say how to install it.

pamac build package

Is all covered in Arch User Repository - Manjaro

Thanks, that set me on the path to fixing it.

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