A fix to an AUR package

So a while ago, I failed to build python-gbinder (with both pamac and yay) and only after several weeks of negligence, I decided to look into it. After debugging for hours, it turns out that the package needed pkgconf to build the library but it’s not listed as a dependency. Now here comes my problem, I wasn’t sure how to submit this fix to AUR and I thought of posting it on the Arch forum but the big warning about ARCH ONLY (NO MANJARO) scared me off (plus I wasn’t sure if it’s a manjaro-only bug either). Anyway I want to ask how should I contribute this fix to the package?

To use the AUR you must install the base-devel meta package. One of the included utilities is pkgconfig that it’s the one you were missing. So technically it’s not a bug. If you follow the instruction you should had had already the package.

You’re right, I don’t have base-devel installed but I never had any problems without it (and I build some AUR packages) which is weird I guess

Some of the utilities can be dependencies for other packages and can be that you have installed some of them by yourself. base-devel is a meta package (a group of packages). You don’t “need” to install just base-devel but you can also install the included packages separately.

Anyway the first requirement you see for AUR use is to install base-devel (or the packages that comprise it)

Well I guess this is more of a documentation issue (like warning users when they want to build AUR packages without installing base-devel first)

If you use pamac to install from AUR I think it will install base-devel (at least the first time)

I don’t recall which package manager I used for the first time but I did use pamac to build most of my AUR packages before switching to yay a while ago.

Pamac has 2 warnings in Third Party preferences where users turn on AUR support:

AUR is a community maintained repository so it presents potential risks and problems
All AUR users should be familiar with the build process

Manjaro Wiki has more warnings and suggests installing base-devel, similar to Archwiki

Manjaro Wiki - Arch User Repository - Using GUI Pamac

Open Pamac - the name in menu is Add/Remove Software and navigate to the Preferences page. You will be required to enter your password to access it.At Preferences page → select the Third Party tab → and move the slider to enable AUR support. Be sure you have the necessary files for building applications from source

user $ pamac install base-devel git

Yes, someone should make documentation come and read itself to the user.

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