A few unofficial spins of mine.

I was inspired by Unofficial LXQt spin by dalto. So I created a couple spins, with at least one more planed. There is a Lxqt and a Mate spin at present. I had to come up with a name to host the files and its Spins by Kilz, an old internet name of mine.

  1. MS Office removed.
  2. HP software removed.
  3. Steam removed.
  4. Snap and Flatpack removed.
  5. Docks used instead of panels. Though the 2 current spins are panels converted to docks.
  6. Dark themes.
  7. Mint icons and themes used (I am not a fan of flat icons). The Mint X icons have been changed to also work with dark themes.
  8. Lxqt uses a highly edited kvantum theme I created.
  9. Minimal iso's that are very minimal. Only containing the theme, settings gui's and a browser.
  10. A full iso with many more applications.

Iso Downloads

Iso Downloads

I am not sure what the next desktop will be, but I am thinking KDE with the Latte dock. Any constructive suggestion is welcome.

Edit: changed the download links to reflect a change in the directory structure.


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