A few questions about Firejail

do you use it?
is it worth using?
is it mostly troublesome?
is it safe now?(i saw they had some issues a few years ago).
what’s the difference in Pamac between:
“Firetools (firetools)-firejail tools and stats” and “Firejail configuration wizard(firetools)-firejail configuration wizard”;
i’m looking for the “normal” Firetools.

i looked in the Arch wiki and the Firejail website and it seems it can be used with simple configurations,but also go quit far.

I use plain firejail for my browser with no issues, allowing my custom HOSTS file through.

I think the config tool is for making shortcuts and configuring profiles but not 100%.

netblue30 has some videos on their bitchute channel, that may have some pointers.

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