A couple of things

I have been playing with manjaro on my thinkpad l13, 10th gen core i3, for the last few days. Here are some things that could use some polish.

I tested both cinnamon and kde plasma.

The first issue I ran into was that it was unusually slow. The cpu governor was set to powersave/balance power, and there is nothing is power settings to change this. Through research, I found out about TLP, and eventually TLP UI.

The second thing I noticed, is that there is a keyboard backlight control slider in the battery menu. I do not have a keyboard backlight. I do not need this slider, but didn’t see a way to eliminate it.

The third thing I noticed is that I can’t launch the default file browser as root. I installed thunar, and didn’t try from the terminal, but it didn’t have a root option in the context menu.

I am using caja now, which when I attempted to add as default, didn’t appear in the drop down menu of file browsers, so I had to manually add it.

One more thing that could use a bit of work. If I am playing old games on wine/lutris/playonlinux at lower than native resolution, the desktop resolution doesn’t rest to my native screen resolution after quitting wine. If I enable virtual desktop, the game runs full screen in the virtual environment, in a window the size of the game resolution on the desktop.

So, if I quit an 800x600 game, I am greeted to an 800x600 desktop and need to manually change it back.

Other than that, I really like Manjaro. KDE plasma is a particularly nice interface.

FYI, Lutris has an option to restore resolution on game exit under System Preferences > System Options.

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Thanks! :smiley:

Also just to note. Steam works great. :+1: