A better wording for manjaro-aur-access


Because there have been small but justified complaints about the wording of the warning notification when AUR access is detected first time on an installed system,

Also here:

I’m asking for suggestions on how to make the notification less irritating.

The source code is here if you wish improvements beyond wording

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what DID cause the warning to pop up?


manjaro-aur-support is an application which checks if the user has AUR access and warns them with the notification as shown on the screenshot. Once shown it stores a file in $HOME and only appears again if a user doesn’t have the file.


Not only… If User press ok… It open the browser on the arch wiki for aur…


yeah, “detected” definitely has negative connotations. it’s just that line (and the warning title) that make it seem like an adverse event.

“This user is capable of accessing the Arch User Repository (AUR).”

so it pops up for every new user whether that user actually has access to the aur or not? perhaps it should crosscheck for sudo ability (membership in wheel)?

…and localization is inconsistent: in that screenshot the user is told to press ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’ but that’s not what’s on the buttons.


“Arch User Repository (AUR) access is enabled.” sounds good to me too. Enabled sounds more like AUR is a feature, not a threat.

I think it just because there’s no French translation for this dialog box at the moment.


Maybe also add some words about what the AUR actually is? Something along the lines:

“The AUR is a repository of user maintained packages which hugely extends the official repositories but at the same time is less stable and more prone to problems and breakages.”


check-aur source code :

#Check if wrapper install hook was triggered
if [ ! -f /.check-aur ]; then

What is .check-aur file? When is it created? When is it removed exactly?


This is a notification it must be short. It is probably too long as it is. (I worked on it, too.)

It is created after the message has been shown. To remove it remove also the package manjaro-aur-access (or remove it from startup), otherwise it will get recreated. That’s how I understood it.


This file is created via post install hook and only if pacaur or yaourt is installed … so is strange you find the message without the wrapper installed…


If /.check-aur is only created when you have yaourt or pacaur, why does the script check if /.check-aur isn’t a file then?

Well, I do not know that much about scripting, but [ ! -f /.check-aur ] will return true if /.check-aur isn’t a file (or doesn’t exist at all) and will return false if it does exist and is a file, right?

Shouldn’t it be [ -f /.check-aur ] instead?


You asked for suggestions on the new text, this is what I was thinking but then got stuck:

AUR access detected while checking for updates.

This distribution of Manjaro is using software provided by the community 
via the Arch User Repository (AUR).  These packages are maintained by
the community and are not verified by Manjaro.

At this point I would like to mention that:

Packages may be out of date, broken or malicious (although rare).  
Manjaro cannot provide support for the packages, however the 
community may be able to help with problems.  Click 'OK'
for more information, or 'Cancel' to continue.

However I feel that might scare people right off the bat, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t know how to suggest that packages installed by the distribution should be fine, but they want to be careful when installing additional AUR packages.


Since Manjaro, Linux in general is multiuser, and could be more than one user with sudo rights, this check file should contain and be checked for the answer of he is aware of AUR risks and only for sudo users.


I think this is the key issue - why is the notification appearing on a fresh install, when yaourt isn’t installed (as far as I’m aware)?

Yes, the wording can be tweaked, but if it’s not showing up only after someone enabled AUR support its current behaviour is wrong.


Let me see i build an rc2 for mate with last my correction for prevent suspend and loock screen … now install in vbox to see if check aur run … ( this is the only report i see since is the file is in our repo and installed in other editions :wink: )


Argh … i need to confirm but this commit break my script

Edit : correct just now and pushed in all branch


“Would you like to maintain access to the AUR repository?”

What is AUR? No Yes


Asked for suggesions, I find it confusing that have a pop-up at all, irrespective of the wording or the message unless I can link that pop-up to a specific action of mine.

So one suggestion to implement a AUR “warning” or an “AUR educational bit” would be to either implement it in the first start Manjaro-Hello (then it will likely be overseen), or to do a first run wizard.

A first-run wizard (frw) may be low complexity one (e.g. a mere slideshow with infos and “stupid” ‘Next’ buttons), or in form of a GUI that indeed leads to some sort of (optional) configuration.

Just an Example:
First page or tab (or whatever) of frw gives Information about the package management options and asks for (e.g.)

  • do you want to enable checking for automatic updates (y/n); (recommendation: y)
  • if y, how often do you wish to check for updates [set value];
  • do you want to remove orphaned packages after uninstalling packages from the system (y/n) [Warning: occasionally packages may be designated orphans, but are actually needed by other packages; plus --> Link to possibilites to clean up system> (recommendation: n)
  • how many versions of installed packages do you whish to keep in the package cache [set value] (recommended: 2) plus Info: what is the package cache and how to use it plus --> Link to package cache wiki with info how to downgrade packages>

Second page frw:

  • Do you want to update mirror sources now (y/n) (recommendation: y)
  • Do you want to change to update servers nearby (y/n) (recommendation: y)

Third page/tab of frw:
Information about AUR plus then asking:

  • Do you whish to enable AUR support?
  • Do you whish to monitor updates from AUR?
  • Default build folder is /tmp (provide possibility to change)

At the end of the frw, the password is asked for and the respective settings are made.

One could also call it Package Management Wizard and keep it for later use (and just have it started first time on first boot automatically, or have it start when first time calling the Package Manager in order to link this type of information with what the user actually was starting to do (managing packages).

I think this would really bring the messages over to those new to Arch/Manjaro and be a nice aggregation of configuration options for those sticking with Manjaro (in particular those who prefer to work with the system on not constantly on the system ;-).

If agreed on the general idea, I may think of a more detailed implementation and start a Feature Request Thread.

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I think it is a good idea. What would make even more sense to me is to trigger it with the first yaourt or similar command.


What about linking it to the first run (and maybe subsequent runs unless a setting is made to not show the dialogue again) of the graphical package manager (pamac or octopi)? As long as no packages are installed, there is no need to worry about the AUR.