8192eu driver not included with Manjaro

When I started using Manjaro I had a TP Link TL-WN-823N wi-fi adapter.
The Manjaro community advised me to install the 8192eu driver and then the W–Fi adapter worked.
I was surprised yesterday when I checked out KDE Neon and found that the Wi-Fi adapter worked out of the box.
Why is this?

When that was, which kernel? Probably new kernels has these drivers included, it’s my quick search on my system, I don’t use 8192eu but something was found:

$ locate 8192eu

Really strange.
I uninstalled the driver with pamac and now the Wi-Fi doesn’t work. So I’ll just have to reinstall it.
I’m running 5.10 on Manjaro and Kde Neon used 5.4.

I had those exact files when the driver was installed but now it is uninstalled and I get a different output of locate 8192eu. The output now included many more lines.