75% of screen black on reboot after Window Scaling

I recently installed the XFCE version of Manjaro, and using a 4K monitor I had to adjust a few things to stop everything from being too small. Changing Window Scaling in the Appearance setting to 2x instead of 1x seems to work, but when I reboot the computer, only the top left quarter of the screen is visible. The other the quarters are just black, but I can move my mouse under, and even interact with the the blocked part of the screen.

I also tried to change the window scaling option in the Display settings, but surprisingly to me, increasing the number only made everything smaller, and it can’t seem to drop below 1 without blurring window borders and text and that sort of thing.

My solution so far is just to open the appearance settings and change Window Scaling from 2x down to 1x and back to 2x. This is just really frustrating to have to do every time I start the computer, any ideas on how to make this automatic, or stop the issue altogether? Thanks!