5.11 kernel gaming hopes

Heard some rumors about some major changes coming to the next kernel with some significant things being implementing DRM from video games to be able to work with linux which seems quite interesting. Is this just crazy, false hope or is there is some truth to it?

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I assume you’re talking about Windows games under Wine/Proton? I don’t know, from the past two years, I heard that all the non working games (because of the anti cheat solution they have), will probably soon work. Announcements, then, nothing… multiple times… (It started from Valve’s announcement about working with EAC on the issue, then EAC confirming blabla).
Even not so long ago there was really hope, then nothing…

Maybe, eventually, all games will be able to work online (this is currently the real culprit to have almost 100% compatibility with games and Linux systems), but don’t think too much about it, because IF it happens one day, it is possible that it will be in many years…

Guy1524 has had the EAC-Wine compatibility project on hold for a few months, while he was finalising the Media Foundation compatibility implementation for Wine. He’s slowly been returning to this, now that MF is in Wine 6.x.
When there’s something new to show? Who knows.

yeah I remember reading this article about it. Hopes are high indeed, if those changes actually made through. There is also a recent discussion on reddit here.
However to me it feels that even with this added in 5.11, it will still take time and persuasion to get proper anti-cheat support.