5.10.2 broke mouse special usb port

Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac here. Mouse special usb port not working with newer kernel. This was a problem before 5.6 also but it was fixed. Linux will probably remain only for the 1%.

These kinds of comments really don’t help your case. People will be less inclined to help after reading something like that.

And while I understand your frustration, you provided very little information that would advance us towards solving the problem.

For starts you could’ve provided the output of inxi -Fazy. And lsusb -t and lsusb and sudo dmesg | grep -i usb on a kernel where it works, and on a kernel where it does not. You also could’ve stated if 5.10.1 works or not; or which was the latest working version.

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How will i give you info with the mouse on a broken port? Anyway fixed reverted back to kernel 5.9.