4x Monitors messing up resolutions - postitions etc

Hi ,

I have 4x monitors and sometimes when I boot or when the screen saver turns off the monitors - and turn them on again everything is messed up. (changing positions , either changing resolutions and so on.)

I have tried with xrandr and is working but I have found another problem

Sometimes at boot one of my monitors somehow ,the kernel doesnt recognized it and it has resolutions up to 1024x768 instead of 1920x1080, this cant be fixed with xrandr because I think the kernel detected these monitors and that specific resolutions if I am correct.

With Nvidia card I could generate a Xorg.conf and fixed everything and never had this issue but now with AMD Radeon , I cant generate a xorg.conf and configure the monitors

Any solution to fix this???

Hi @wolfyrion!
Could you post the output of inxi -Fazy and xrandr --verbose ?

Also, I had a similar problem lately trying to setup a dual monitor setup using both my iGPU and amd gpu and turns out the solution was just using the modesetting driver and letting the OS do the rest!

it seems that the problem is with the kernel

This problem is not happening with the LTS Kernel

Where can I report this?

Changing the Display Wire solved the Issue.

This is the 4th cable I have tried.

My monitor didnt have a display cable so I was trying different cables -

Display port to HDMI - 3 TESTED - 2 FAILED - 1 OK
Display port to VGA - 1 TESTED - FAILED

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