4.8 GB of updates

Hello, everyone,

I don’t know if I have a problem, but for sure it’s a rather strange and new situation for me, but maybe because I’ve never had a rolling relase.

I update my distro every day, and yet today, out of nowhere, an update of almost 5 GB appears to me, surprising me, and even strange.
I haven’t updated yet because I’m waiting for your opinion, but is all this normal?

I also doubt that it depends on having changed kernels, because not immediately found them, but after about 3 days.

I have the latest LTS from Manjaro, the newest among the LTS.

I don’t know, if you need more info ask, I’m puzzled.

I forgot, if I need to update, should I do it from the package manager (add/remove software), Discover or both?

I noticed something else, but looking at the image, do you think the packages I need to update are newer, or is it downgrading me to older packages?

You should try to update with TTY2 (console).

Today I had an update of 820 MB for my KDE machine.

Would TTY2 be the normal terminal, or a particular terminal?
Could you post me the safest command to use to download updates from console?

Some time ago I read a discussion that using a command instead of a high one to update could do damage.

Anyway there is a difference between 800MB and 5GB, a lot of difference.
I should have less of your updates, as I recently installed Manjaro, and I haven’t even installed many software, I haven’t even had the time since I recently installed Manajaro on my computer.

By the way, there is another half GB of updates on Discover as well, but have they decided to add two more operating systems into Manajaro recently?

For me something is wrong.

Okay. I might be able to shed some light onto this.

The huge update in Pamac, can be because of flatpak, snaps or AUR packages pending for update as well.
Discover will show only the repo packages by default, and should be the same repo packages as Pamac showed you, until you update with one of them, and refresh the database in the other. (the reason why having 2 package managers can be confusing)

Yes, but answering the main question, is such a large update normal?

I can install pacman updates from the pacman update manager so I won’t have to update standard packages twice, never mind discover.

But how can you explain such a large amount of updates?

Even if I installed the entire pacman repo, and even if I did, I don’t understand how you could update everything at once!

Also, do you notice from the screenshot that the packages are upgrading, or are they going back to the previous version? I don’t understand, it seems to me that they are involving.

It depends on what you have installed.

If you only have the base system, without flatpaks, snaps are AUR packages, then a stable update of about 500-1000 MB is pretty normal.

Slap on some snaps and flatpaks, those numbers go up pretty quick.

The number in parenthesis is the installed version. The number before that is what’s going to be installed.

Yes I installed some snaps and AUR but nothing much, it will be maybe 4 or 5. 4 or 5 snaps and AUR of a jig each?

Snaps can easily be a GB each. They are small filesystems after all.

A ok ok, I thought it was the opposite, i.e. the number without brackets was the one already installed (because it comes first) and the one in brackets was the one to be installed.

OMG I have to delete the snaps immediately if that is the case, now I check, it is not possible to download so much every time, that is to say, it seems to me that this stuff is like a movie.

Is it better to install from pacman or better from terminal?

Pacman is a terminal command. And only supports repo packages.
Pamac is the GUI application and supports, repo, AUR, Snap and Flatpak packages.

Oh God, I just realized a big difference that nobody had explained to me, thank you very much you were really precise and competent.

I install from GUI so I can install everything without having to install a bit here and a bit there, since from terminal (pacman) install only from repo, and from GUI (pamac) install also from other sources.

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