3rd party packages of a ham radio nature. Guidance please

What’s it called when you make a non-reposed package work with Linux? That’s what I always need to do but never get done so I only use my computer for Netflix.
Trying to learn ham radio and have a TON of Linux packages here: ‘’‘Ham Software Linux : Ham radio programs for linux platform ‘’’
, but NOT for Manjaro specifically.
I was taking the Linux certification course for a while. Never got to the part about making the computer actually work with software. How can I get packages to work? I guess that’s my question. For example I might download it and then I’ll see it in the file system and it doesn’t open.I don’t naively expect it to open, but that’s what I need it to do.

You’d need to follow the standard for each package type you’d want to create.
Here’s some documentation for Arch packages: Creating packages - ArchWiki

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Have you searched Add/Remove Software to see if they’re available in the official repos or the AUR (Arch User Repository)?

No, I had only searched Manjaro depository. Thanks for the good idea. I’ll give it a shot and see what I find.

No clue. I guess they are the same thing if its in Add/Remove Software though.

Hi. Look at this article:
It lists some ham radio software available mostly from the AUR.

Quite a few of those packages are available in Manjaro’s package manager (Pamac) via the AUR repository. You might have to enable AUR by going into Pamac’s Preferences => Third Party => Enable AUR support.