3D printed Manjaro logo (for PC case)

I'm very new to Linux in general, but Manjaro was the first distro I installed, and I immediately loved it. Since I mainly chose this distro for video driver compatibility for gaming, and since I'm excited to be part of this community, I thought I'd add some flair to my case. It already had some 3D printed Steam logos, so I made this one to balance it out.

I originally posted this on the subreddit, and someone there suggested it might go over well here. This is just based off the logo's SVG, and I've uploaded the files to Thingiverse if anyone else wants to use it. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


Cool, hope others will take it and make it available.

Almost looks like a candy,
my idea, my commission :smiley: .
Chewing gum, marzipan, ... with woodruff taste ...
Refrigerator magnet?

Hope the translation is correct :slight_smile:

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