3D data visualization by QtDataVisualization::Q3DSurface does not work

I need 3D data plot in a my C++ software with GUI based on Qt. I found the very interesting possibility offered by Qt libraries with Q3DSurface. Its basic usage is explained in well explained in Qt documentation.
I installed the package qt5-datavis3d which contains the above feature. I added to my C++ software the line #include <QtDataVisualization/QtDataVisualization> to include all the headers needed by Q3DSurface. I have no warning from clang, but the compilation is broken with the message /home/marco/Workspace/QtSource/feritoMetro/fermet.cpp:236: error: undefined reference to `QtDataVisualization::Q3DSurface::Q3DSurface(QSurfaceFormat const*, QWindow*)’.
I am using the currently update manjaro xfce stable version 64 bit. The Qt version is 5.12.2-1. In the web I did not find any useful post for that I am thinking the problem as related to Manjaro.
Please, someone could help me?

I just solved the issue: in the .pro file one must add the line QT+=datavisualization
The strange thing is that even the “Surface Example” offered by Qt suffer for that missing.
We live in a strange world.

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