32 bit Manjaro 18.0.4, cannot connect to repositories

I just installed x86 Manjaro 18.0.4 on a 17 year old Acer laptop and am very impressed. One minor issue is that I am unable to connect to any of the repositories when performing a system update i.e. sudo pacman -Syyu. Would I be correct in assuming then that Manjaro no longer maintains any x86 repositories? i.e. what you see on the iso is what you get and there is no option to install Firefox or VLC player etc? Cheers.

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The x86/32bit platform has been replaced by ARM. So there no longer support for it.

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Thanks. I figured.

You could experiment with a conversion to Archlinux32 - archlinux32.org


Tested how to mogrify 18.0.4 Manjaro to Archlinux32.

As it is out of scope for forum I have placed my rough notes here



Thanks! I might try that.

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How to fix 32-bit PC?

Since Manjaro32 is no longer supported you could only try to convert manjaro32bit to arch32bit.

@linux-aarhus has some good notes to how do it:

In short: you have to replace the manjaro32 repo with arch32 repo and solve all dependencies.

Here is the page for arch32: https://archlinux32.org/

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