[2021-02-09 update] Black screen after login

I was running the 5.9 kernel, due to not being able to boot 5.10 at the time.

After this latest update, everything seems fine on the login screen, but once I login I’m greeted with a black screen and only 2 pop-up error messages:

  • Yukuake cannot load skin
  • Cannot load system tray icon

At first I thought it was the nvidia drivers, but I have since compiled nvidia-450xx and switched to the 5.4 kernel and the issue persists.

What could have gone wrong here? The latest stable updates didn’t seem to include anything that should break my system.

I’m running Manjaro KDE plasma 20.2.1 on my Clevo laptop, and it has an Nvidia GTX 1080Ti on it, and an integrated Intel HD graphics 630.

I tried the 5.10, 5.9 and 5.4 and the exact same thing is happening on all three.

I was able to follow post 29496#3 (Can’t post links, sorry).

Which told me to cp /etc/skel/.xinitrc ~/.xinitrc, because my .xinitrc had startkde instead of startplasma-x11.

After that, I was able to get into a tty and run startx. Now I can see stuff again. It looks a bit funky (it’s missing a lot of icons, especially noticeable on dolphin, where every file is just visually represented text, covered by an oval shape?), and I’m missing my task manager panel, but mostly everything I use for work is fine and I’m able to put a new panel back in.

The problem now is, that every time I reboot, I gotta go through everything again. I’m put into a black screen, the same 2 errors pop up. I have to go into tty. Run startx. Put panel back in. Rearrange panel with stuff. Rinse and repeat every day.

Anything I should be looking at to fix this more permanently? I’d rather not have to reinstall anything.

Thanks in advance.

Boot from live ISO USB and check /var/log/pacman.log details about lastest changes in packages to INVESTIGATE. See logs too (dmesg, journalctl).

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Please read this:

Does this also happen on a newly created user? (E.G. gueguerreiro2)