20.0.3 freezes installing bootloader

I’m installing latest version of Manjaro in an external ssd but installation freezes when achieves 92% “installing bootloader”. Never had this problem before.

The machine is a MacBook 2018. This should not be an issue, I’ve installed other distros in the past and everything works okay apart from the drivers.

Welcome to the forum, @diegoquiroz,

please provide some more details of your system by entering the following commands in a terminal window after you booted into the installer live ISO:

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host
sudo parted -l
lsblk -f
sudo efibootmgr -v

Post the output here and use </> button in the editor menu to format it nicely.

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I had the EXACT same problem installing Manjaro Plasma today. I custom installed on preset partitions because I run many OSs and actually use multiple boot partitions. That makes installing new distros always a bit interesting. Anyway, I ended up killing the installer at 92% where it hung, then manually set up boot using systemd-boot. So far everything seems to work okay.

Hi johnny, would you mind elaborating on how you “manually set up boot using systemd-boot” please? I’ve run into an extremely similar issue installing Manjaro KDE on an external SSD connected to a 2018 Mac Mini. When I check the external SSD, the installation seems to be pretty much all there, but of course because no boot loader was installed it’s not possible to boot into it right now.

I can still boot using the thumb drive I created with the Manjaro ISO on it.

If I can’t fix it I’ll create a new post to get help but your solution of manually configuring boot seems to be exactly what I need. I’ve looked at the systemd-boot and bootctl man page but couldn’t really work it out.

Much appreciated!

that mean option for grub-install , this option has to be added --removable