20.0.1 in VirtualBox flickering


this issue was introduced with 20.0.1 both the regular and minimal version.


It happens on mouse move and any time something changes on the screen. this applies to the installer and when the OS is installed.

No issues with 19.0.x.

Is there something to circumvent/prevent this?


We are currently working on 20.0.2. Have to see if mesa updates improve things. On our end we didn't noticed issues.

It might depend on the used theme by the host system and it's used graphic driver. Try to play with given driver options in VirtualBox. I let you know if we have a new ISO to test.

Post us a little more on the hardware used to run VirtualBox on.

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@philm thanks for the response!

The drivers on both machines are the same. The host is a mac, see this screenshot for all the info.

I do understand that you cannot support every single host OS out there. Hope this helps though.


Can't reproduce it on my end with Manjaro 20.0.2 as host. Gnome looks fine there.

I'm getting the same issue today trying both KFCE and Gnome minimal installs of 20.0.2 on Virtualbox 6.1.8 on a Mac. The flicker is annoying but it's so un-responsive it's basically unusable :frowning:

I wasn't sure if the issue might be VirtualBox as I'd just upgraded it but a new ubuntu 20 install works fine

Hi all,
I am having the same issue.
I noticed this after updating VirtualBox on my OSX host. I am running Manjaro (stable) on an Windows host as well as on an OSX Catalina 15.5 host. The Windows host seems fine but the OSX host keeps flickering whenever there is an update on the UI.
I am using VirtualBox Version 6.1.8 r137981 (Qt5.6.3) on a MacBook Pro running macOS Cataline 10.15.5
Also, I tried all the different VirtualBox video hardware emulations. Either it does not boot at all (VMSVGA) or it does boot and flickers (VBoxVGA and VBoxSVGA. 3D acceleation does not make any difference at all.
Any ideas and/or hints?

Facing same issue with 20.0.1 KDE & XFCE editions over Virtualbox - host is OSX.

I had the same issue. I fixed the problem enabling the PAE/NX option, under the System/Processor configuration window.

Unfortunately that did not change anything for me.

I'm seeing the same issue here with a newly installed Manjaro XFCE Lysia on Virtualbox on 2015 Macbook Pro running Catalina. Enabling PAE/NX makes no difference. A debian based virtual machine also with XFCE does not display this problem ...

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