2 way sync for google drive

Does anyone knows how to do a 2 way sync with google drive on linux?
If in windows it’s just a few clicks, on linux every app I see is either with a subscribtion, or doesn’t have a 2 way sync.
I really need 2 way sync to manage my obsidian notes between devices(automatic one too).
If you know some other option(maybe easy 2 way sync for other cloud storage) - will be helpful. Although I hope someone will have a solution for google drive.

Hi @cheerfulnag,

Have a look at rclone:

It has a bisync, although I’ve never used it.

Hope it helps!


rclonesync-git from the AUR has the bidirectional sync as well.


pamac build rclonesync-git

Don’t use it, though. From the Github page:

NOTE: rclonesync functionality is now natively supported in rclone v1.58.0+. See rclone bisync. Please consider moving over to the native rclone implementation. rclonesync will remain here with critical bug fix support only, for the time being.

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