2 Plasma Questions: Multiscreen Brightness & Hibernate (While asleep, hibernate after a period of time)

On a multi-screen setup, is it normal behavior that the active screen (i. e. where you click on an open window or the desktop) becomes slightly brighter than the others (or also: the others dim slightly)?
Please check if you have a multi-screen setup.

Or does that only come as a bug or feature with settings like Accent Colors from Background, Blur Effect or the Force Blur window script, Night Color? I can not tell but I first saw such behavior after installing the Active Blur Plasmoid. Before I ask there I want to ask here if the brightness difference is normal? Even behavior by default?

Plus, in the Energy Saving setting you have the option to hibernate i. e.: Automatically Sleep after X minutes, with the option:
While asleep, hibernate after a period of time
I want to ask how long that period of time is (or where to set it), to test it.