1st preview of Manjaro Gnome is ready

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I am new to Linux: How do I create a file? Thank you so much for your help.

it is just a text file, create is as root
in terminal/konsole
sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/textfile.conf

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Read up on the system you're using. Please ask questions in separate threads and do not clutter/capture announcements.


Yes, that is the benefit of a roller. This isn't a "major" update like you would get with a non-rolling distribution. Once this goes 'stable', you will get the various updates.

(Also, flavor, not branch, is the preferred parlance)

Can you elaborate the request?
What Is the issue with gnome tweak ?
When you toggle the branding we come back to the original gdm look ( only the manjaro logo at the bottom Is present like Fedora ) and if you set the layout to gnome you have gnome vanilla..
Note you have to reboot

After working with it longer, now I see that under "modern" there is a back button in tweaks. So instead of the list of categories next to the settings, they are separated. It must be a function of the modern layout I am unfamiliar with. That would be useful to know was part of the "modern" layout. Just a suggestion, it could be useful to users to know the details of the four layouts. Otherwise, great job. By far my favorite distro

Normal Layout:

Modern Layout:

This is bug in Gnome Tweaks, resize the window and you will see the hidden menu, it is due to titlebar buttons position on right hand side.

How can you see it has been reported ages ago.

This is a planned feature in the layout switcher, but not very high in the priority list

Nice job! I'm so curios how the Modern layout look like.
Is there any way to see it on Unstable Branch?

Nevermind, just install the gnome-layout-switcher-dev.

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:slightly_smiling_face: I have to admit that you guys did a fantastic job with GNOME.

I have always loved the way that you went about theming GNOME.

This is what interests me the most will be testing on my laptop since I'm using bumblebee which is less effective.

Is it possible to boot this system on machine with a Radeon RX 5700XT or I need to install it first with Architect and then download the correct drivers?

There are many posts out in the wild where users had to do manual driver installation and it's not clear whether those drivers made it into the mainline kernel or not.

I am trying to boot up the live system from a USB but it just freezes when the desktop environment is about to start.

The Layout Switcher in Manjaro is very good idea. Why not take inspiration from Arc Menu to offer additional layouts in this Manjaro tool ?

I think about it and it.


Loginized ... you can find the program in the software repo.

Vertical panel mode. Please!

Why is noone providing vertical panels anymore? Vertical screen space is critical, horizontal is not on modern screens. Vertical panels are so good and everytime I install any OS, I have to completely set it up by myself.

Post a screenshot of the suggested layout with other suggested settings and I'll consider adding it as a layout.

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