1st preview for Manjaro-KDE 19.0 available for download

Will be fixed with our next ISO ...

Why would it jump from 18.x to 20.x?

People were used to yearly versions. However we switched back to normal release numbers. Maybe we are faster this year to release a v20.0 also ...


Zstd is supported since quite some time already.
It is only now though that Arch started building its packages with zstd.

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Not that anyone should care what I think but I'd ship it with Vivaldi OOTB. Manjaro KDE is amazing, the minimal build is my choice among all distros. Thanks for this jewel!


agree 1,000,000,000.000% f*ckedfox should of been dropped by most distros a long time ago.

Chromium-based, and not 100% open source. No thanks.

The source code provided on their website is only partial.

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Yeah.. anyway, I always prefer the minimal iso because I end up not using most of the apps and adding my own.. so actually the minimal install of Manjaro KDE comes with Falkon rather than FF, which is not a "real browser", a lot of sites won't even let you log into their services deeming it not secure. I guess the point is everybody will remove it anyway to add their own. I can understand the choice.

I have mixed feelings about that, on the one hand I'd like to drop all of the google stuff and proprietary apps, on the other, there is no viable alternative. FF is ungodly awful.

I believe this is personal preference. For me, Firefox is the best browser I've ever used. And it's great that there is a F-Droid fork for Android with no proprietary libraries at all with the help of Mozilla.

I've used: Brave, Vivaldi, Chrome, Chromium, Konqueror, Falkon, Opera, Lynx, Links2, Firefox, Waterfox, Pale Moon, Midori, Qupzilla, Iridium


should look at vivaldi, brave, and opera. all great browsers. vivaldi actually has it's own sync system so you can avoid google altogether if you chose to do so.

I'm not sure what you mean there


Looks good so far but is there a Breath2 GTK application style package in the works for GTK applications run while using Plasma?

The search box looks a bit odd when the menu is over an application window. Is it possible to make this transparent too or increase menu opacity a bit? Also, while watching the post SDDM splash screen preview, the changing text worked fine. However, when I tried it from a restart on my notebook the manjaro and enjoy the simplicity text just ended up overlapping.

splash screen issue (8 second grab with smartphone) - https://youtu.be/O4M78PJQVz8

I know. We are working on fixing the animation.

for gtk you can still use breath, which should perfectly fit.

About menu opacity I am not so sure. I don't mind the way it is currently. In any case I wouldn't want to make the input field transparent. Maybe the menu a bit more opaque could be an option... @bogdancovaciu , what do you think?

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Thank you. I wonder which aspect of the four theme packages I need to apply to get the version you show back? In the meantime, no worry, as I manually replaced it.

I'm with the other guy as well. I LOVE firefox. I just got rid of Brave as it's a pretty big privacy concern from I've been reading recently. I will definitely take a look at Vivaldi though.

I think by transparent he meant that it would take the same appearance as the rest of the menu, rather than have the different background. I get that the current form gives better contrast, but it sticks out in comparison to the rest of the menu.

Search fields transparent? I don't think so.
@antikythera - From your screenshot that is not the default transparency and blur we use for Breath2 Dark Plasma Style.

Also, consider this:
There are people that use the panel on top as in my screenshot.
Some change the Transparency and Blur or use kvantum for the decoration, so things might not match always within the same desktop; or they don't use blur and/or transparency effects; or they change things as described here

Some use Breath2 Plasma Style for the Panel with the Breath Dark or Breath2 Dark color-scheme.
Any tempering with the search field will affect every particularity of those.

See above why i think is the case from that particular screenshot.
Please let me know if we change it, how will look in this situation?

Edit Update:

This is what can be done maximum, before we fall in a different can of worms

The color can't be changed as is taken from the color-scheme. If changed in the color scheme then other things are influenced. So, the widget needs to be edited. The above is without blur enabled

This is with blur enabled

I can't go on each variation.
If you want to see if makes a difference, for now i have the file here:

After you download it, place it in /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/breath2/widgets/
Remove the cache:
rm ~/.cache/*
Then apply the Plasma Style again.
Sorry for the dodgy upload and the way i provided the file, but now i have other issues to deal with. The edited file has the fill of the color reduced opacity, hence is transparent, but the same widget is used for the light theme, so that transparency will be different visually.


Well that's how it applied itself when I clicked on Breath2 in the Global Theme choice for KDE, I altered nothing regarding transparency and wouldn't have known where to start with that. Therefore I consider it the default even if you don't. Your screenshot looks a lot more like Breath original does on my laptop but the search box is still too dark in my opinion. can you make it match the shade of dark grey used in the virtual desktop pager selection widget on the taskbar for the unselected screen?

I'll certainly try the newer build, thanks for uploading it. Anyhow, I will try and experiment with my laptop and see what I can come up with too should that be not much better as you have pointed out a file to work with now.

Also, if you have been working on the theme while using Kvantum which is not installed as standard, please disable any effects from that temporarily too and check it's not screwing things up elsewhere.

In what way?

I've been using FF again since the Quantum releases started rolling out (v60 or so?), and I've no issue with it.

I've begun trying out Opera on my Win10 work machine and it's pretty nice as well.

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