1st preview for Manjaro-KDE 19.0 available for download

It's looking amazing, but I would change the color of the menu icon, I would put a white Manjaro icon, because I believe it would match better.

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One other note: Is there something subtle that makes the windows decorations just a bit nicer. It is hard to describe, but after I did the above, I still had very KDE-Vanilla decorations.

A breath of fresh air for the KDE edition in term of teaming.

Pun intended.

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The theming looks great! Why isn't it called Manjaro 20.0?

Does it support zstd package installation?

@taotieren . To answer the question you asked in TWO threads, this and the Gnome announcement, yes. They moving over to that standard.

It is bad form to ask the same question in two different threads. Next time, please either ask in one thread or make a new one with your question.


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This ISO allegedly has broken prime support. Because of a missing dependency

Will be fixed with our next ISO ...

Why would it jump from 18.x to 20.x?

People were used to yearly versions. However we switched back to normal release numbers. Maybe we are faster this year to release a v20.0 also ...


Zstd is supported since quite some time already.
It is only now though that Arch started building its packages with zstd.

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Not that anyone should care what I think but I'd ship it with Vivaldi OOTB. Manjaro KDE is amazing, the minimal build is my choice among all distros. Thanks for this jewel!


agree 1,000,000,000.000% f*ckedfox should of been dropped by most distros a long time ago.

Chromium-based, and not 100% open source. No thanks.

The source code provided on their website is only partial.

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Yeah.. anyway, I always prefer the minimal iso because I end up not using most of the apps and adding my own.. so actually the minimal install of Manjaro KDE comes with Falkon rather than FF, which is not a "real browser", a lot of sites won't even let you log into their services deeming it not secure. I guess the point is everybody will remove it anyway to add their own. I can understand the choice.

I have mixed feelings about that, on the one hand I'd like to drop all of the google stuff and proprietary apps, on the other, there is no viable alternative. FF is ungodly awful.

I believe this is personal preference. For me, Firefox is the best browser I've ever used. And it's great that there is a F-Droid fork for Android with no proprietary libraries at all with the help of Mozilla.

I've used: Brave, Vivaldi, Chrome, Chromium, Konqueror, Falkon, Opera, Lynx, Links2, Firefox, Waterfox, Pale Moon, Midori, Qupzilla, Iridium


should look at vivaldi, brave, and opera. all great browsers. vivaldi actually has it's own sync system so you can avoid google altogether if you chose to do so.

I'm not sure what you mean there


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