1st preview for Manjaro-KDE 19.0 available for download

Yes it really looks quite neat.. I could not test this plasma-simple menu in the Latte dock bar though.
So I added a new classic default kde bar and then could switch into simple menu as the pic shows.

From those screenshots it looks like simple menu is way too big for my liking, can you as a user alter the icon sizes or is it fixed? I don't see it's much better than the application grid alternative that is available already.

plasma isnt using simple menu as is
it is trying to use a modified simple menu.

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oh no please tell me it isn't so, cause i love plasma but their choices on menus and themes leaves a lot to desire.

That's a matter of taste. I love Plasma too, but I hate all kinds of menus except for the stock one which I'm considering the best in whole GNU/Linux world.
You can easily change it - no one forces you to suffer from such a simple thing.

As long as they don't get rid of their current options, I'm good. I love what we already have.

ok fanbuy calm down you don't get brownie points for being a fanboy.

Looks like odld Mint menu. Kick-Off is superior in every way. The fist thing I will always do is to $ sudo pacman -Rdd plasma-simplemenu --noconfirm

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Keep digging down, we all gonna have a good laugh when you finally got banhammered and fall right there.


Oh, and don't forget to checkout our new matching Breath2 analog clock! :sunglasses:


not likely for simply telling the truth.

Thank you for considering my suggestions...
As pointed out an alternate version of simple menu has been suggested in the design goals for KDE...At its present state it does what it aims to...being simple...maybe it will be enhanced even more in the future...Another widget I have grown to love is Chilli Clock...gives the date and time in a much better way than the default digital clock widget...

btw...the analog clock is so coooool....well done... (y)

In case we wish to make pacman a little more attractive, we can maybe try toggling color and ILoveCandy options....makes the terminal even more attractive...pamac does a great job at this...

Also from the older posts, there was talk of Calamares including an Application Installer similar to the one on the welcome screen right...Any idea if it will make it to the 19.0 release ?

Thanks for the great work...

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the foundations are already in place to choose which office suite end users want installed. obviously that can be expanded on at some point in the future if desired by enough people

I don’t share that view. I use FF on all my devices. I have zero issues hence no need to change that either.

I love the breath2 theme. Does anyone know if it'd be possible to use it as a theme for Windows 10? I don't have much interest in using Windows 10, but I don't hate it and it would be interesting to see.

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Thanks so much, I didn't know about Plasma's Simple Menu and now I'm really keen to check it out. It looks pretty nice.

Oh I see. Thank you for the update.

Though I would have really loved the theme update, considering there were not much visual changes in the last update. But since you guys work hard enough, I can understand that not everything is possible in a major update.
I'll look forward to what 19.0 XFCE has to offer, since I use it as my daily driver.


Interesting question :sunglasses: but I'm afraid there's no way...

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discussion continued in the 19.0-pre2 thread ...

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