18.1.0-rc10 unusable/freezes on Vmware Fusion Pro

I tried booting 18.1.0-rc10 Xfce ISO as guest on Vmware Fusion Pro 10.1.6 (macOS host). It gets to the GUI but then it just freezes, the mouse pointer is still there and it moves around but can't click on anything. The host CPU is at 100% and the fans come on.

FWIW, 18.0.4 ISO works with the same setup.

Any boot options that I can try that might help or any Fusion settings I may need to tweak? I tried both free and non-free drivers, same behavior, not even sure this would make a difference when running as guest anyway.

An update: I booted it in console mode and it runs. I then ran startx and it ran OK for a bit, but it eventually froze, I think on a vmware window resize. I suspect the problem is the graphics.

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Is 3D acceleration enabled? if yes then disable it & boot again to see whether same things happen

It is not, though I tried it both ways, no difference either way.

im not really familiar with vmware, with virtualbox you would install the guest utils. does vmware have something like this also?

open-vm-tools ?

Yes, open-vm-tools is installed and there's a vmtoolsd process running.

FWIW, I also tried the latest Lubuntu, Xubuntu, MX Linux, Linux Lite and they all seem to run, at least they don't freeze quickly like Manjaro does.
I'm looking for a light distro to run in a VM, nothing that requires graphics acceleration.

I already happen to have a legit license for Vmware Fusion 10.1.6 (v11 is out but need an upgraded license for it) so I figured I might as well use it instead of Virtualbox. From what I read Vmware performs better.

im not sure what kernel comes on the rc10 iso, but try installing a different one. if it's 5.3 thats still experimental

It's some 5.2.x I forget the exact version. Lubuntu and Xubuntu also use a 5.2 kernel and those seem to work. Do you think it's the kernel? It feels more like a graphics driver issue. It may also be that once I fully install it (this is just running from the ISO as I wanted to play with it) and update it all it may actually work.

your trying to solve a problem on a read only live usb?!?!? :expressionless:

yes, get it installed and then problem solve.

is there a reason you need the rc10 iso?

I was just trying to see what's new and play with the latest a bit before I decided to do a full install. The problem is I can't do a full install if it just freezes, not sure whether there's a console mode way to install it.

I assume that if I install 18.0.4 instead, it will eventually be updated to the latest when it's released, correct?

install > boot > run update = current manjaro.

from an installed manjaro system:

#rank mirrors before first update
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5
#run a full update.
sudo pacman -Syyu

reboot after and your done

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