17'' laptop recommendation

I am looking for a new laptop, can you recommend a brand/type that has at least following specs ?

Purpose: music editing, surfing the web, mail reading, media viewing, able to run VMs
Screen: 17’ , brightness sufficient to use it outside
Connections: ethernet, headset jack, cardreader, USB A and C
Keyboard: with numeric keypad, backlit keys is a plus
Not too power hungry
SSD min 512Gb, RAM: 16M
High speaker volume is a plus
Future proof cpu, so I can use the laptop for a while
Linux (Manjaro KDE) well supported, windows pre-installed, as I have a few apps that do not work in Linux or in VMs

On my current Asus TUF gaming laptop, VMs crash after a few minutes, and after some Manjaro updates, wifi also stops working regularly, a reboot is needed to fix this.
Manjaro seems to be the only distro that runs reasonably well on it, Ubuntu/fedora/mint does not work on it (lots of unsupported hardware things)

Indeed. Please see the Forum Rules - Manjaro

Tip: ’ = foot while ‘’ = inch. :wink: