17.1.11 and 17.1.12 Manjaro_deepin Iso Bugs



in the latest two iso of manjaro deepin there is a very annoying bug and i don’t see it a feature

it when i open deepin file manager for the first time after boot it asks me for password to mount drives

this occurs with me on 17.1.11 iso and latest one 17.1.12

now to install manjaro deepin i have to install 17.1.10 iso then run upgrade after installing it

please fix it in coming iso versions
and please don’t tell me that it is a feature , i never saw this bug except in these two iso of manajaro deepin

i get the manjaro deepin iso from this link

hope someone reply from iso creators and tell me that this will be fixed


Isn’t it just that your account isn’t in the storage group by default?

I don’t think it is anything deepin specific.


i found that it asks for password because drives aren’t mounted

for example if i ran
sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/sda3
now i can access /dev/sda3 drive while remaining drives still asks for password

this wasn’t occuring in previous iso 17.0.10


Did you try putting your user in the storage group?


how to do that ??
also when i run manjaro iso as a live ,how to add my user to storage group and i havn’t choose a user yet ??
execuse me for being newbie


From a terminal type:

EDIT: Don’t do this, it sets your group

sudo usermod -G storage username

The correct command is:

sudo usermod -aG storage username

Replace username with your actual username

You probably have to logout for it to take effect.

On the live iso I think the default user is manjaro

I am not sure what persists on the live ISO though.

It might be easier just to switch to one of the beta ISOs where the change has already been made if you want to run a live system.

Which might not exist for Deepin.


thank you
i ran manjaro_deepin iso v17.0.12 in virtualbox and tested it both in live iso and after installing it and it worked after adding user to storage group
now it don’t ask again for password when i open file manager

and yes as you said in live iso of manjaro_deepin the default user is manjaro

thank you very much and hope you add this coomand to coming iso because not all people including me(untill you told me) know this


I believe the change was already made shortly after creating the last set of ISOs so I assume it will be present in future ISOs


do you know when the Manjaro_deepin 18 iso will be released ??


There are many other threads on this forum that have asked this question. The answer has not changed. When it is ready. If you have been doing the updates as you should, you are already running 18.0. That is the joy of using a rolling release.