1 available update, but: "Your system is up-to-date"


So, I got a notification for an update, I updated, the update manager (Add/Remove Software) tells me “Your system is up-to-date”, but the update manager still shows a red warning shield in the system tray, which upon hovering says ‘1 update available’. I was not told to reboot the system, and I didn’t.
Is this a bug?


Sounds like you have installed a package with a redundancy in the AUR …
What is the 1 package?

That’s the problem: it doesn’t say. Only “1 available update”. And when I click the red shield, it says “Your system is up-to-date”. So, I have no idea what update it is referring to.

Try to refresh Pamac's DBs:

  1. open pamac
  2. hit menu icon (3 horizontal lines)
  3. select Refresh databases item
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Thanks @ishaan2479, that did the trick! I should have thought of that.

Much appreciated.


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