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Problem with my Ethernet and keyboard
« on: 14. April 2013, 01:50:06 »
I tried to install 0.8.5 XFCE AMD64 on my Medion MAM2120 Notebook and got problems:
1. my wired network-interface is not detected:
dmesg on arch linux:
Code: [Select]
# dmesg | grep eth
[    8.564922] uli526x 0000:00:1b.0 eth0: ULi M5263 at pci0000:00:1b.0, 00:40:d0:8a:71:21, irq 20
On Manjaro there is no output relating eth in the dmesg-output.

2. Will my wifi controller be supported?
Code: [Select]
00:15.0 Ethernet controller: Winbond Electronics Corp W89C33D 802.11 a/b/g BB/MAC

3. my keyboard does not work as expected:
I have chosen pc105 Intrnational and german for the setting.
On the left side in the bottom line is a blue Fn key which should make it possible to use some extra functionality to some keys(like a extra numeric-keyblock) but if I press these keys without the Fn-key pressed they act as it is pressed and reverse.

What can I do to solve these problems?

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Re: Problem with my Ethernet and keyboard
« Reply #1 on: 14. April 2013, 13:28:56 »
wit sudo pacman -S manjaro-settings-manager you can fix it :)

but that is not the biggest proble, , biggest is the wifi and ethernet.. they must work...

lets start first on ethernet... just give info like lspci for your ethernet...

then we have more info with it...

winbond i dont known , dont know the chip if isnt support in arch or cant find the driver you have to use ndiswrapper but its hardly to take from it if you have totaly no connection... if you do in terminal ifconfig you will see the naming of ethernet is different too then eth0 :)

otherwise is try netcfg in laterstage but give first the output of lspci if you can or a part of the card.

Dutch go the dutch site :)