Author Topic: [Solved] MS Office 2003 or 2010 on Manjaro  (Read 4353 times)

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Re: MS Office 2003 or 2010 on Manjaro
« Reply #15 on: 21. January 2014, 16:39:24 »
however I have never got networking to work, such as anything outlook. as well as I can not sync onenote to skydrive.
office 2013 works as well, but since it is completely different visually, there is a lot of visual abnormalities.

well, there is a lot of visual abnormalities with 2010 as well, however working in word or excel seems great, since there is not much actual change in visuals.
That's why I suggested to untick all except Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Because most people need just those three   ;D