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[Archive] OpenRC Manjaro OpenRC has been discontinued. All development effort has moved to Artix Linux. Hardware This category is for hardware-related issues. Package update process Post here for help with the process of updating your system. It is not for issues which occur after updates. Programming This category is for programming- and scripting-related questions and discussions which involve Manjaro. It is not for general programming questions (that's what StackOverflow is for). Games Have an issue running a game? Need help? Post here. However do keep in mind that paid-for, closed-source, proprietary games are best supported by their developers so they should be contacted first. Drivers Ask for help with drivers in this category. Networking Use this category for getting help with networking-specific issues. Ethernet, wi-fi, modems, etc. Kernel Issues that are specifically centred on the kernel? Post here. Third-Party Applications Use this category for help and discussion about applications that are not in the repos or in the AUR. Keep in mind that these may not work on Manjaro at all and you should normally ask the developers for help in the first instance. AUR This category is for getting help with AUR packages. Be aware that AUR packages are not an official part of Manjaro, they are maintained by AUR community members, are not checked, and may break your system in obvious or subtle ways. Tutorials Tutorials are member-contributed posts that describe how to achieve something with Manjaro. For example, how to set a default browser, set up DKIM, or spin up your own Docker container. Printing Having issues with printing? Use this category. Applications Get help for any application in the Manjaro repos here.
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Dump your inxi -Fxzc0 here and bookmark it

When you create a new topic asking for technical assistance, make sure you provide full details about your system. I propose a "clean" way to share your info. Open terminal, run inxi -Fxzc0 And paste the output her…

601 4 December 2019
Provide details when seeking assistance

Often times, relevant details are left out when seeking assistance. o graphic card details with graphic issues o DE (kde, cimmanon...) when issue could be DE specific o and so on. Most problematic are when the system …

29 21 April 2017
About the Technical Issues and Assistance category 2 6 February 2017
Cant install anything in manjaro
7 7 December 2019
Official Docker container for Manjaro 2 7 December 2019
Cannot play Witcher 3 and Kingdom Come Delivarence on Manjaro with Steam using Proton 1 7 December 2019
[HowTo] Run Manjaro on a stick 5 7 December 2019
Dying Light wont run using Primusrun.... 3 7 December 2019
AMDGPU-PRO glitches on prime with Radeon RX 460/560D 4 7 December 2019
Front audio panel is not working with Asus Xonar SE 4 7 December 2019
Sound Blaster AE-5 - 5.1-Surround even possible? 14 7 December 2019
Can't install splashtop-streamer from AUR 3 7 December 2019
Nasty `fstats` cpu% bug since Testing Update 2019-09-06. 26 7 December 2019
Manjaro KDE security/package installing question 6 7 December 2019
OMG inxi, where have you been all my life 8 7 December 2019
Borked text in KDE Application Launcher 3 7 December 2019
Manjaro awesome freezes on logout / shutdown 8 7 December 2019
Oscilloscope help 7 7 December 2019
Networkmanager not working properly after boot 9 6 December 2019
No Audio on XE500C12 BayTrail 2 6 December 2019
DoH : activate it on your browser ! (you can't on Brave :P ) 6 6 December 2019
Freezes and applications stop working 4 6 December 2019
wlp2s0 changed to mlan0? WiFi and wpa_supplicant issues - Surface Pro 4 9 6 December 2019
Correct way for uninstalling pamac? 7 6 December 2019
[SOLVED] Cannot downgrade after switching from testing to stable branch 10 6 December 2019
Can't access secondary GPU (NVIDIA non-free driver), bumblebee 51 6 December 2019
Manjaro USB = GRUB 30 6 December 2019
Glitches on intel 10th gen with 4K screen 3 6 December 2019
Default print range in Firefox and other apps 6 6 December 2019
"Partition(s) must be mounted first" error during architect installer 3 6 December 2019

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