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Package request Request the addition of a package to the Manjaro repos here. Be aware: unless there’s an obvious need (or e.g. the package is unique) the answer will probably be “no”, and especially so if it’s already in the AUR. Documentation Documentation is important for all users of an OS, and Manjaro is no different. Discuss documentation here. Unstable Branch Use this category for feedback on packages in, and issues with, the unstable branch. Feature Request This category is for feature requests. Any discussion should be strictly limited to the request (i.e. not philosophical discourse). Testing Branch Use this category to provide feedback about packages in, and issues with, the testing branch. Projects Use this category to discuss projects you're developing for Manjaro.
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Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

This thread is meant to be an information for the Manjaro-Team in case of outdated Manjaro packages in the community repository. Please feel free and drop a line if you notice a package that is in need of an update. Pl…

754 16 August 2019
AMD hardware support in Manjaro

So let's create the next level of AMDGPU improvements for Manjaro. Team AMD This one is to create "Team AMD", a little group of people who can handle the AMD related stuff, in the manjaro community. Goals Things i …

243 12 July 2019
[manjaro32] Out-of-date Manjaro package report

Using manjaro32 and spotted an out-of-date Manjaro package? First, check the Manjaro GitHub sources for core, extra, and community. If it’s in the GitHub sources, it’s a Manjaro package. You can check whether the packa…

30 28 August 2018
About the Manjaro Development category 1 10 May 2016
Manjaro-Cinnamon > Request > GUFW Firewall Installed by Default? 4 19 August 2019
Manjaro Wiki sanitization - report dangerously outdated articles here!

I think it must be time for some wiki safety net, hygienic stuff for people don’t get hurt. We all know that the Wiki needs some hands on and a lot of love. But still, newcomers take some time to realize it’s not total…

72 19 August 2019
Introducing: 83 18 August 2019
gnome-layout-switcher 104 18 August 2019
Please adopt/backport from AUR clipgrab-kde 5 18 August 2019
Why do I get Manjaro related IP incoming attempts ? 10 18 August 2019
manjaro-kde-settings-18.0 depends on AUR/adapta-breath-theme 3 18 August 2019
Pamac Qt 0.2 Beta 134 18 August 2019
Call for testing: kernel metapackages 90 17 August 2019
Pamac AUR Updates Problem Due to Cache 3 17 August 2019
[SOLVED] xfce compositor: Transparency graphic artifacts 12 16 August 2019
two type of images, LTS and actual 20 16 August 2019
QA Engineer wants to give back to the Manjaro community. 11 16 August 2019
Non-Manjaro packages which have been flagged as needing an update 125 16 August 2019
Nemo crash with Pango again with 1.44.5-1 | unstable 7 16 August 2019
Snapshot creator 3 15 August 2019
Add xiccd for Xfce 4 15 August 2019
Add Google Chrome to main repository 21 13 August 2019
fpakman - A GUI for Flatpak and Snap management 101 13 August 2019
Ongoing work on the Wiki 80 12 August 2019
Request to replace image SHA1 sums with SHA256 14 11 August 2019
Getting MS-Office Online to work 186 10 August 2019
GPG package signing 4 9 August 2019
Manjaro Cinnamon: Network time not working. 7 8 August 2019
freeoffice as default in Manjaro 18.1-rc6 ISOs 42 8 August 2019
Add primus_vk and vulkan-intel to the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-390xx-bumblebee MHWD profile dependencies 1 8 August 2019